Monday, March 10, 2008

Unveiling the Mystery of 99 Years

SHE was born in 1892 in Schwed, Russia, in the "Wiesenseite (meadow side)" area of the Volga river valley. HE was born four years earlier -- in 1886 -- down river and on the other side of the Volga in the "Bergseite (hilly side)" village of Unterdorf.

Much of this lower Volga region was inhabited by Germans who'd been there since shortly after Catherine the Great became empress in 1762; in the following year she issued a manifesto inviting Germans and many other Europeans to help populate the outlying reaches of the empire.

Despite their close proximity in the old country, Dora Eckerdt and Peter Miller were not to meet until after the turn of the century, when they migrated with their families to the United States. Peter landed at Ellis Island with his older sister, Eva Behm, and her family. Dora came by way of Galveston with her father and stepmother.

They both ended up in Longmont, Colorado, where they met and then married in 1909. For more information about Pete and Dora Miller and their family, visit the
Galey & Miller Family History site.

The photograph above is one of the few of Pete and Dora in their younger years. Taken on March 21, 1909, this wedding picture has been a fun topic of conversation for many years. Their daughter, Marie (Miller) Derrick, first told us the story that had been shared with her by her mother.

And what was that topic? The lovely veil worn by the bride -- before it adorned the young Mrs. Miller's bridal gown -- had been a window curtain!

A lovely veil, by any other name, is still a lovely veil. For a few other Miller family pictures,
click here.