Monday, November 3, 2008

She does it again!

Not realizing that he might be entering a world surrounded by art, John Miller kneels down on his San Diego, California, patio to show off a beautiful painting created by sister Linetha Davis of Madill, Oklahoma.

It was a surprise gift for John’s 70th birthday, but wife Cheryl has already laid claim to at least partial ownership of the piece, since she first saw a photograph of the scene on the web many months ago. It's a South Dakota barn on the north edge of Spearfish.

They’ll just have to share!

The oil painting is the latest out of Davis Gallery in Madill, where Linetha lives with her rancher husband, Bruce. She took up painting seriously in just the last year or two, and she’s been doing a remarkable job – winning awards and selling her work. You can see some of her many other offerings at the
Davis Gallery website.