Sunday, January 23, 2011

Reunion Time! Park shelter reserved for June 25th

The surviving children of Pete and Dora Miller
gathered in Chadron for the 1988 Miller Reunion.
Another step has been taken in plans for the Miller Family Reunion scheduled for next summer in Nebraska.

We've reserved the Wilson Park Shelter in Chadron for all day on Saturday, June 25th.  That's the same location where the Millers gathered 22 years ago, when we had our last reunion.  Of course, we've lost many loved ones since that time, and this may well be the last time that many of us will see one another for a good long spell.  So, we hope that all "cousins" and "in-laws" will plan to join us for this informal get together from Friday, June 24th through Sunday, June 25th. 

Cousins Pete Miller in Metaline Falls, Washington, and Larry Miller in Spearfish, South Dakota, have sent postcards out to a couple of dozen folks in an effort to collect addition names/addresses/phone numbers and e-mail addresses of as many of our family members as possible.  We've found that many addresses we have are incomplete, phone numbers have changed, or e-mail addresses no longer work. We want to make sure that even the most distant cousins know about our gathering and have an opportunity to attend!  We'll do a more complete mailing with further information in February.

Marie Derrick and Bertha Bird - 1988
Please call or e-mail us with your contact information -- and tell us how we can reach others in your family branch who should know about the reunion.

Larry    (605) 722-6018  ~
Pete    (509) 446-3915  ~ 

At this writing, there is no specific agenda -- but lots of ideas.  For many of us, just having a chance to visit with family we've not seen for a long time will be the primary goal.   It's also an opportunity to visit Whitney, which was home to our parents/grandparents for more than half a century.  A visit to the Whitney Cemetery would be in order, since many of our ancestors are at rest there.  Please let us know your ideas and suggestions regarding the reunion.

And bring your cameras, there's bound to be
some fun -- and tomfoolery!
There's lots to see and do around the area, too!  Two of the most beautiful state parks of Nebraska are within 30 minutes -- Chadron State Park and Fort Robinson State Park.  Both offer cabins and camping, as well as a variety of recreational activities the whole family can enjoy.  There's also hiking, biking, golf, and trail rides.  Fort Robinson has a great museum, and there are also fine historical museums in both Chadron and Crawford.

And you might want to bookmark this web site, since we'll continue to provide updated information here, including lodging options, recreational activities, and other reunion-related tips.

Mark your calendars and plan to join us for the Miller Family Reunion, June 24-26!