Thursday, May 5, 2011

Miller Reunion less than two months away!

The good news is that we have heard from lots of Miller family members who tell us that they'll be at the reunion next month in Chadron.  Latest additions to the list are members of the Jan Miller family from Kentucky.  There'll be Alex Miller family members from California, Wyoming and South Dakota, and a pretty good sized entourage from Washington state representing the Fred and Albert Miller families.  And Marie (Miller) Derrick family members are planning to come from Alaska and South Dakota.

Other cousins are coming from Oklahoma, California, and Texas.

That's far from the complete list, but it's an indication of the broad interest -- and wonderful commitment -- among cousins in all parts of the country.

Right now, we're estimating about 50 people, but with more than six weeks left before the event, that could change significantly.  Please, if you've not yet responded to our Picnic Survey, please click on the box to the right and respond to the questions so we'll have an accurate count of folks who plan to be at the Miller Reunion Picnic in Wilson Park at Chadron on Saturday, June 25th!

A few cousins who live close to Chadron will be making a "day trip" for the picnic, but most will be camping at Chadron State Park or Fort Robinson State Park, staying in cabins at one of the parks, or have made reservations at an area hotel or motel.  Alas, we know of no Miller family descendants who remain in Dawes County, so we're all having to "bunk" commercially.

By the way, the picnic should be a top-notch event -- allowing families to visit while enjoying some great food.  The event is catered by Country Kitchen in Chadron, and they have a great reputation around the Chadron area.  There'll be roast beef amd chicken, potato salad, baked beans, bread and butter, tea and lemonade.  Country Kitchen will provide all tableware.  The cost is $11 per person, which we think is an excellent rate, but we must tell them how many people will be eating, and we need to provide them with that number by Friday, June 17th.  Please take a moment and respond to our survey.  If you've already done that, Thank You!

Judy Miller from Metaline Falls, WA has volunteered to make name tags, so let us know the names of folks in your group so all will have name tags.  By the way, you can use that same survey form to the right.  Just put names in the "Comment" box.

We hope you're as excited about this event as we are.  If you have special requests, ideas, or comments, please send them along to either Pete Miller or Larry Miller.