Monday, February 13, 2012

The Millers of Lusk visit Whitney - ca. 1944

Mildred and Alex Miller and family -- Jeanette, Connie and Bruce -- in about 1944. 
Every now and then we come across a photograph that effectively captures the activities of our Miller ancestors.  Sometimes it's just a standard pose, and occasionally it's a creative bit of 20th century photo journalism at work!

This photograph shows the Alex Miller family while visiting Alex's parents, Pete and Dora Miller, in Whitney -- probably around 1944 or 1945.  A frequent backdrop is shown -- the Whitney elevator building that was adjacent to the Chicago & Northwestern Railway tracks.  At left you can see the wooden bench that sat outside the house, which was actually owned by the Whitney Irrigation District.  For many years, Grandpa Pete Miller was the "ditch rider," keeping tabs on irrigation gates that regulated water flowing from Whitney Lake.

Although Alex and family had lived in Crawford, it was in Lusk, Wyoming, that they finally chose to settle, building and living in a basement home for many years before adding on an upstairs.

We understand that dwelling in Lusk is still in the family, occupied by a grandson of Alex and Mildred Miller.