Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Miller memorabilia shared by cousin Mike Miller

Another treasure trove of family history was revealed this week when Washington cousin Mike Miller visited us and brought along a box chock full of artifacts, photographs, letters and other documents related not only to his father, Albert Miller, but also to Pete and Dora Miller.  They are, of course, the two key people for whom this web site was created.

These items take on increased importance for the family, since so much memorabilia that belonged to Al Miller fell into the hands of a non-family person who, unfortunately, has been unwilling to share any of it with uncle Al's children.  That's a separate and tragic story.

Remarkably, these several items are in wonderful shape.   Precious letters written to Albert in the Pacific during his Marine Corps service in World War Two.  Newspaper clippings.  And several photographs that most of us have never seen.

Among them is this photo (at left) of Pete and Dora Miller taken in about 1945 in Chadron, Nebraska.  Behind them is a home we immediately recognized as the Denton residence at 217 Ann Street in Chadron.  

There are several others, which we'll soon post in our Miller Gallery.

Thanks to Mike Miller for sharing these photographs and allowing us to scan them and post them in the Miller Gallery!